Da un’incantevole dimora contadina dell’800 nasce Borgo La Rovere. Un casale restaurato dove il fascino della campagna si fonde con alloggi curati nei minimi dettagli.

The fortress of Mondavio

Our lovely little town is among the best preserved old town of Marche region, located on a hill just 20 km from the Adriatic Sea. The fortress of Mondavio, built between 1482 and 1492, is considered a masterpiece of the Renaissance military architecture. Inside you can find the eighteenth-century Apollo theater, the historical commemoration museum, the civic museum and San Francesco’s church. Culture, hospitality, arts and crafts and local products are just some of the qualities that have conferred to Mondavio the recognition of the orange flag in 2003.

Urbino and its Ducal Palace

Only 38 km from us, the city of Urbino, World Heritage Site, is the pinnacle of the Renaissance art and architecture. In this small town, nestled on a high sloping hillside, artists such as Raffaello and Piero Della Francesca created an outstanding urban complex, influencing the cultural development of the rest of Europe. Here you can visit the most ambitious project of the Duke Federico da Montefeltro, the Ducal Palace of Urbino. Currently it has become a young and dynamic town thanks to its prestigious university and the exchange with international students.

Teatro Rossini

In Pesaro Just 40 km away Teatro Rossini is an opera house inaugurated in 1637; the theatre underwent several transformations, a true reconstruction by the architect Pietro Ghinelli in 1818, when it opened with an exceptional representation by Gioachino Rossini, already famous even if just twentyseven years old. The theatre took its present name in the composer's honour in 1854; its Neoclassical structure is typical of the italian theater''.

Frasassi caves

45 km away, in the province of Ancona, you can visit the magnificent underground karst caves of Frasassi. Inside the karst caves you can admire the natural sculptures formed by layers of limestone in the course of 190 million years due to the work of water and rock. The shapes of these natural works have stimulated the imagination of the cavers, calling them in a curious way as the ''Giants'', the ''Camel'' and the ''Dromedary''.

Furlo Gorge

A Silent Passage between Dream and Reality... The Furlo gorge is 30 km away and it’s an authentic paradise crossed by the river Candigliano creeping among the imposing rocky walls of the Gorge, where the suggestion of the landscape joins with a great naturalistic richness boasting of unique specimens of flora and fauna. In the thirties, the local forest ranger, with a work of excavation, reproduced on the slopes of Mount Pietralata, near the throat, the profile of Benito Mussolini, who often crossed the gorge on his journeys between Rome and the north of Italy. The monument, which was undermined and destroyed by the partisans during the war, at present is only partially recognizable.

Blue flag beaches

The beaches of Sirolo and Numana, 70 km distant, are among the least ''colonized'' of the coast: in fact there are only few beach resorts, and nature reigns as the undisputed dominatrix of these beautiful places. Wild beaches, steep cliffs, caves, white rocks covered with pinewood overlooking the deep clear waters, make Sirolo and Numana the ideal destinations for those looking for an untouched nature. The sunny and windy nearby villages, placed between a sea rich of fish and rolling hills, are protected to the north by the green promontory of the Parco del Conero.

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